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Galway | IRELAND

WestBIC provides tailored, high level supports to entrepreneurs to assist them to convert their innovative ideas into a commercial reality and become Investor Ready. In the process we support you, the entrepreneur, to start and scale up your enterprise. This journey involves navigating you and the concept through the stages of market and technical validation, gaining international market traction, building out your team, and ultimately working your proposal up to secure investment.

WestBIC uses its wealth of start-up and specific industry knowledge, experience and networks to assist you as an early stage innovative enterprise, to test and, in some instances, challenge the validity of your initial proposal so that the most viable development path is reached.

This typically involves undertaking an in-depth technical analysis and development of the product/service, verifying the market opportunity, gauging your position in terms of competitors and international scalability, testing various revenue models and undertaking detailed financial projections.



The AidLearn intervention areas result from the interface between its vision and the experience accumulated by its collaborators, which has allowed to make an appropriate contribution to the development of competences, innovation and organizational competitiveness.

Innovative proposals in education/training systems and diversification of their training offer are established, largely, on methodologies and products developed in studies and projects, many carried out in transnational teams, through research-action. But also resulting from debates, experience sharing and dissemination of good practices at conferences and events promoted by AidLearn and focused in its areas of interest and work.

The focus on individual basis and/or organisational “personalised” solutions, designed to measure diagnosed needs and established targets may cover several stages, from the study, diagnosis, counselling and consulting to planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of interventions for the development of competences and the management of organisational change.


Biosphere Portugal represents Biosphere Responsible Tourism in Portugal.

Biosphere develops customized sustainability plans with destinations and tourist companies, to ensure an adequate long-term balance between economic, sociocultural and environmental dimensions. The sustainability plans are aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With Biosphere, progress is recognised through a certificate of commitment to sustainability and a Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Certificate (companies) or Biosphere Destination (Destinations).

Helsinki | FINLAND

Haaga-Helia trains experts in business and service industries and researches and develops skills and activities related to these fields. Haaga-Helia’s fields of education are business administration, computer science, hotel, restaurant and tourism, journalism, sports and vocational teacher training.

It is important to Haaga-Helia that students have strong links to the world of work as soon as they graduate. Haaga-Helia focuses on entrepreneurship, cooperation, innovation and internationality.

Haaga-Helia is a valued partner in research, development and innovation. The aim is to create new solutions for different stages of business. Haaga-Helia implements RDI projects together with partners.


In 2010, Business Development Friesland set up the incubator in the city of Leeuwarden (Inqubator Leeuwarden) with support of the Province of Fryslân, municipality of Leeuwarden, two universities of applied science and two vocational schools. This is a place for (student) start-ups to develop their own business. It is now the hotspot in Friesland for VET and HEI students, start-up companies and professionals to learn entrepreneurial skills in the broadest sense. Here BDF directly experiences troubles, success and failure of businesses on a daily basis. We are in close touch with (potential) start-ups and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and we mentor them with 1 on 1 coaching. We pay strong attention to both their personal development and development of the business idea, and the connection between these two sides.


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